Missing People

If you have a family member who has disappeared, regardless of the circumstances, location or timeline, there is a possibility that Norm can assist to generate information to help in the investigation. Contrary to common misperception, missing people do not have to be deceased in order for Norm to be effective in helping to find them.

Request for assistance must come from close family members or police agencies for obvious reasons, and the missing person must have been reported to the appropriate authorities at some point before contact with Norm. We will do our best to help. Our hearts are with you.

Step One: Arrange a conversation with Norm.

Email Norm some of the known particulars regarding the disappearance, including person’s name, age, date and location went missing, and your name and contact numbers. Norm will personally answer all requests of this nature to the best of his ability as a voluntary service.

Email Norm at .

Step Two: Engaging Norm’s Services.

At this time, arrangements will be tailored to meet individual needs and situations. Generally, you will email your intention to engage Norm, and Norm’s assistant will forward you a retainer quote based on estimated time and expenses. You will then work together to schedule Norm’s on-the-ground assistance. At this point, Norm will likely wish to speak with investigators and other involved parties as part of his preparation.