Reader Reviews of “The Spirit Tracker”

“I just wanted to say I loved your book. It is just amazing. Thank you for writing this book.”
– Jennifer Pearce, Salmo, British Columbia

“Wow. That is about the only word that sums up what I can say about your book. People are grateful for your sharing of your journey and this will give them strength, or motivation, or affirmation about their own spirit. I'm looking forward to your next book.”
–Heather Wiese, Nelson, British Columbia

“Kudos to you for your first book! Fascinating! Spellbinding! Absolutely! I found I could hardly put the book down. Keep writing!”
–Ruth E. Wallace, Ottawa, Ontario

“I just finished reading your book not 10 minutes ago, and I had to write to tell you that I thought it was fantastic. Last night, I picked it up with the intention of reading just the second chapter - one hundred pages and several untouched psychology readings later, I could barely put it down. Your way of crafting sentences is remarkable; everything seems so real and effortless.”
– Charmaine Vallee, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thank you, Norm, I am deeply moved by your book. I love all of this - every word, every scene - and the ability you demonstrated to stay true to your guidance over all else that presented as distraction, challenge, or doubt. As the reader becomes an active participant they begin to feel the next clue and a part of them comes alive with this hint at ‘knowingness’...A story of discovery that captures your mind - warms your heart - nourishes your soul! A must read for all ages!”
– Suzanne Grandon, Cairo, Egypt