Norm Pratt Seminar

How to Develop Intuition – A Wholistic Approach


  1. Make a conscious choice & express your willingness as you see fit – prayer.
  2. Be as clear as possible-clarify your intention and put it out there consciously.
  3. Put yourself in a position to receive-create space for intuitive guidance to happen.
  4. Practice presence-be here now-notice your thoughts & feelings, what's going on?
  5. Scrutinize your motives & agenda – why are you doing this? No secondary gains.
  6. You can't force the 'force' – but things can turn out even better then you can plan.
  7. Be willing to feel – deeply. Notice what's coming up, making itself known.
  8. Be gentle with yourself. Trying too hard negates the effort. Surrender control.
  9. Practice moving your conscious awareness out of your head & into your heart.
  10. Express gratitude – acknowledge lessons/insights/openings when they come.
  11. Re-evaluate your belief systems at every opportunity – still serving as you grow?
  12. Move away from fear-based reality – operating on old 'tapes' or reactionary behavior.
  13. Practice going with your gut – what 'feels' right – you'll sense when it's wrong.
  14. Embrace change. Open yourself to growth & movement. Let go of resistance.
  15. Confront personal issues & limitations – speak your truth and do the healing work.
  16. Apply what you are learning in all aspects of your life – make it real & serving.
  17. Achieve healthy balance of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of self.
  18. Fill your life with what truly fills & feeds you and is of lasting benefit.
  19. Make the journey your own – do what works for you – find out what this is.
  20. Take responsibility for & ownership of your power – you are impacting us all.
  21. See life as a spiritual experience, but savour the physical aspects as well.
  22. Ask Spirit/God/Guidance to help you grow, then be open to how it manifests.
  23. Notice what tugs at your awareness – work to identify what it is – gets easier.
  24. Practice development work all the time – not just reserved for 'sacred' moments.
  25. Have no need for drama – take the higher road – attract the 'purest' guidance.
  26. Crap in – Crap out. Be aware of what you're putting into mind/body/spirit.
  27. Push your comfort zone a little at a time – take time to get comfortable with what you are learning. Give yourself space to integrate experiences & lessons.
  28. Ask the big questions – seeking provokes a response from guidance.
  29. Don't wait for the 'big bang' of spiritual awakening – it's happening already.
  30. Practice self-discipline – like a diet/exercise program – by paying constant attention to your thoughts & feelings & inner workings, you notice what's happening.
  31. Accept what comes without twisting it to meet your projected needs/agenda.
  32. Be an open vessel – clear, conscious, feeling, and set on 'receive' mode.
  33. If you give a sincere effort, guidance will meet you halfway and cheer you on.
  34. Learn your personal symbols & signals – guidance will speak in a way you understand.
  35. Congratulate yourself – savour your growth & expanding awareness – absorb it.
  36. Exercise discernment just as you would with friends & family – what is of value.
  37. Everything can communicate if you are open to it – animals, trees, stones, etc.
  38. As your awareness expands, you perceive more of what is already there – universal consciousness.



  1. Soften your outlook & ways of being – practice all types of sensitivity.
  2. Make it less about you and more about how you can be of service to the world.
  3. Be what you are asking for. Make it so. Apply it in your life everyday.
  4. Trust unfoldment, that things are happening with design & purpose, even if you don't see it.
  5. Practice authenticity – speaking from the heart, what you truly feel.
  6. Just be yourself – find out who that is & be it – naturally, free of clutter or effort.
  7. Notice external signs & signals that are mirroring your inner world.
  8. Build internal power based on self-awareness – will help you to understand guidance.
  9. Notice when guidance is bubbling up – your feelings & impressions – stay with it until it has emerged as a 'knowing' in your conscious awareness.
  10. Keep the journey simple, uncluttered and light. Have fun with your growth.
  11. Feel the rightness of place & purpose – make adjustments until you sense well-being.
  12. Be willing to learn from everyday events & the lessons will never stop flowing.
  13. Look beyond traumatic events & loss to find the underlying lessons waiting to be found – this will give even difficult challenges an enriching meaning & purpose.
  14. The more you do this work, the easier it becomes, and as you expand & evolve, intuitive guidance becomes an ever greater part of your being – soon the techniques & 'crutches' that helped you grow in consciousness begin to fall away.
  15. Replace low-level reactionary behavior with consciously–chosen ways of being – how you think, perceive & act – reprogramming leads to natural & effortless guidance.
  16. As sensitivities heighten, you'll notice more around you then you ever did before.
  17. Psychic-intuitive sensing broadens reality – you'll perceive a larger picture.
  18. If you are stuck in your own unresolved issues, then that is what the world mirror's back.
  19. Internal conflict is okay. It's often brain struggling with intuition.
  20. Notice internal resistance –usually means you're suppressing your true feelings.
  21. Often guidance comes in response to things going on in your life – your thoughts & emotions trigger an intuitive response that tells you how best to proceed & how you really 'feel'.
  22. Establish & strengthen your inner world. Write down feelings & insights as they emerge.
  23. Treat intuitive guidance as a valued ally & part of your personal repetoire of skills.
  24. Find & do what makes your heart sing – Intuitive Guidance can come clearest in moments of self-release.
  25. Mind cannot explain intuitive guidance – it will endlessly endeavor to explain, interpret & rationalize. Bypass mind, have faith and let your heart tell it's truths.
  26. Fear, doubt or anxiety block intuitive flow. So get clear about what you need to learn. Trust yourself & what you are feeling & sensing – Intuitive Guidance will never go away. Only you can limit yourself.
  27. We are already intuitive, perceptive beings, dialed into receiving guidance. This is just an exercise of fine-tuning our 'receptors' & what we believe to be possible.
  28. In it purest form, guidance is non-verbal. Practice feeling your knowing, and knowing your being, without any need of words.
  29. Not all spiritual guidance or psychic input is particularly evolved or serving – be aware of the source of communication & if unsure as to validity, let it go.
  30. Identify less with mind & emotions, more with inner self & heart-centered awareness.
  31. No judgment, no failure. You can start anew in each moment.
  32. Don't wait for enlightenment to find you – the day-to-day activities of the physical world will provide all the triggers for Intuitive Guidance you'll ever need –but practice these tips.


Developing Intuitive Guidance


Manifesting As:                                                         When It Can Happen:


Clairvoyant images & visions                                  driving

Clairaudient sounds                                                 between sleeping & waking

Premonitions                                                             in meditation

Deja-vu experiences                                                  silent contemplation

Gut feelings/instincts/hunches                                 during exercise

External world signs & signals                                nature walk or repose

Dreams & dreamtime experiences                           any mindless activity

Clairsentience (impressions)                                    repetitive tasks i.e. lawn mowing

Claircognizance (inner knowing)                            during prayer

Revelation/moments of inner clarity                       sharing openly

Thoughts that seem outside your own                   when paying close attention

Inner voice                                                                 inspirational music/book/film etc.

Deep, emerging feelings                                            when 'lost in thought'

Coincidence / Synchronicity                                     creating something

Moments of inspired faith or honesty                     intuitive writing or journaling

Songs that surface in your awareness                    extreme circumstances

Physical, external world experiences                       in the shower

New ways that you create!                                       When you least expect it



Suggested Reading



Richard Bach                                    Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions

Tom Brown Jr.                      The Tracker, Awakening Spirits

James van Praagh

Sylvia Brown

Eckhart Tolle                         The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks

Dan Millman                         The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Carolyn Myss                                    Anatomy of the Spirit

Paramahansa Yogananda   Autobiography of a Yogi

Medicine Cards                     Jamie Sams & David Carson