First Nations Community Work


As a spiritual intuitive and healer, it is my heartfelt privilege and passion to visit and work with First Nations communities. I receive spiritual guidance through dreams, visions and intuitive abilities, and while for many years I have successfully assisted with finding missing people, my focus has turned to helping those willing to begin or enhance their own journey of healing and growth.

My goal and purpose is to help people recognize and access their own innate wisdom, or “inner medicine” as I like to call it. As we learn to listen, intuitive guidance speaks through our hearts and minds and helps not only with personal needs, but inspires us to greater awareness and a more expanded life experience. Whether dealing with issues of mental health, addiction, violence, grief, or simply a desire for deeper spiritual connection, my work is about helping people find a clearer sense of self, connectedness and meaning in the world.

Sometimes people find it easier to talk with someone from outside their immediate community. Given the opportunity to feel safe and private, I find people start to open up and share what is really going on for them, and so begin the first steps to healing and growth. Often they are looking not only for guidance, but tools to make their lives better, and many wish to make a genuine spiritual connection that carries into their everyday world.

With this in mind, I would be honoured to support your elders, health and wellness professionals, and community members by giving public talks, leading healing circles, and meeting privately with individuals, families and groups. My focus is on cultivating a climate of trust and well-being by making myself available to everyone. I also encourage and support people in establishing their own daily practices for personal and spiritual awareness, and for them to renew and share their cultural beliefs and traditions, that the work we do together not only carries forward but is of benefit to all.

In my visits with First Nations communities, I have encountered an incredible capacity for love, hope and generosity of spirit that runs through the people. It is my intention to help bring this spirit of “inner medicine” to the forefront of everyday life in your community.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of working together, please feel welcome to email me at .